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ATA - Automotive Technician Accreditation

Automotive Technician Accreditation is a national voluntary scheme run by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) which tests the current competence of individuals working in the retail motor industry, all of whom are committed to an ethical code of conduct.

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This is your campaign !

Right2Choose is about driving sales into your workshop by encouraging motorists to use their local, independent garage.

Under Right2Choose, it is right to promote the independent automotive aftermarket and its contribution to the UK economy to consumers.

It is right to highlight to the motorist their choices of where they take their vehicle for servicing and repair. We have always found a place in the changing landscape of the UK motor industry, through our ability to listen to the needs of motorists.

It is right to tell people the facts. We don’t deny the existence of franchised dealers or their ability to service and repair vehicles. We promote choice, because as a sector we are confident in our ability, proven to consumers on a daily basis.

For the Right2Choose campaign, 2013 is the year of the motorist, the consumer who unselfishly and consistently places their most essential possessions in the hands of our industry.

Your Garage Needs You!

Raising standards - what can I do ?

To ensure motorists continue to receive a competitive and high quality customer service experience from independent garages you should:

  • Always use parts and fluids of matching quality to those used by the car maker and be able to demonstrate as such.
  • Help us get the Right2Choose message across to your customers and potential customers in your area.
  • Make sure you keep your technicians training records up date and have it available for customer assurance. Ask your motor factor for training or enquire at your local college. Under Block Exemption Regulations, you can now access the vehicle producers’ training programmes and they can’t charge you more than they charge their own dealers.
  • Review your equipment – does it need changing? Most garage equipment suppliers will be able to offer you equipment at affordable monthly payments. Are your tools and equipment regularly checked and calibrated, and do you have records to prove that?
  • Display a Right2Choose poster in your premises and give customers Right2Choose leaflets to give to their family and friends.
  • Be open and transparent with customers – keeping them informed at every stage of the repair, servicing and MoT process.

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